How To Uninstall Epic Games Launcher? [2021 Update]

Uninstall Epic Games

In this article, we will learn about epic gamers launcher after reading you will know how to uninstall epic games launcher Epic Games Launcher: Epic Games Launcher is a digital video game and software distribution platform developed by Epic Games. In addition to exclusive titles created by Epic Games, the launcher also includes downloads for … Read more

Cancel XBOX Game Pass Ultimate Past Due [2021 Update]

Cancel XBOX Game pass

Past Due Subscription : In this article we will learn how to Cancel XBOX Game Pass It means you didn’t turn off your auto-renewal in time and or the payment method listed failed on your last renewal date. You’ll have to clear your past due balance before purchasing any future subscriptions Cancel XBOX Game Pass … Read more

How To Add Games In SNES Classic [2021 Update]

SNES Classic

In this article, we will tell you how to add games in snes classic so let’s go and learn The SNES Classic Mini comes with 21 stick sets. Find out in our easy-to-understand guide how you can easily add more SNES games to your SNES Classic with hakchi2. The 21 pre-installed games and system data … Read more

10 Best legendaries in Clash Royale [2021 Update]

legendries in Clash Royale

Here you will learn about 10 best legendaries in clash royale so, stay with us and learn new things today Clash Royale is a Free RTS video game developed and published by Supercell. The game combines elements of collectible card games, tower defense, and an online multiplayer battlefield. The game was released worldwide on March … Read more

How to Fix Steam Streaming Delay? [2021 Update]

Steam Streaming Delay

You can also try this solution, as a wireless internet connection is a great way to correct transmission. In this article, we will fix steam streaming delay so let’s go and started How to fix Steam Streaming Delay? Here are some ways to fix Steam streaming lag: Connect to a wired network with an Ethernet … Read more

How To Hide Games In Steam? [2021 Update]

In this article, you can hide games in steam so stay with us and learn If you want to keep a Steam purchase from someone with access to your PC or Mac a secret, you can quickly hide it from your library. However, this will not uninstall the game, it will not allow you to … Read more

How to add games to Discord library? [2021 Update]

Discord library

Here in this article, we are going to add games to the Discord library Discord is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) gaming messaging programs. It comes with a plethora of handy features and options for gamers, and it’s designed to run in the background with any game as effortlessly as … Read more

Download Games For Dolphin Emulator [2021 Update]

Games For Dolphin Emulator

I am glad today here in this post we will discuss how to download games for Dolphin emulator. Dolphin is multimedia video game software used all over the world. It is known for its high compatibility with all devices and operating systems, various available gaming features, and constant development progress. Not only that, but this … Read more

How To Get Game Pigeon on Android

Get Game Pigeon on Android

There is no doubt that you can use the game iMessage on Android. But you have to follow a little procedure to do this. First, create a new iMessage for a friend and click the OK App Store icon. There you will see four gray dots indicating the apps installed on your device. Choose GamePigeon. … Read more

How to Download XBOX app for Mac

Download XBOX app for Mac

Here you will download new and old Xbox apps for Mac, in a simple guide, that will help you out with pretty ways, let’s get started! Download the Xbox app for Mac Press Windows key + X on your keyboard. Click Short Command (Admin). Type wsreset.exe and then press Enter. Restart your PC and try … Read more