10 Best legendaries in Clash Royale [2021 Update]

Here you will learn about 10 best legendaries in clash royale so, stay with us and learn new things today

Clash Royale is a Free RTS video game developed and published by Supercell. The game combines elements of collectible card games, tower defense, and an online multiplayer battlefield.

The game was released worldwide on March 2, 2016. Clash Royale reached one billion dollars in sales in less than a year on the market. According to the market research company Sensor Tower:

Clash Royale had sales of 2.5 billion US dollars in three years. Royal Ghost was once a great legendary card.  Currently, the only deck that uses it is the PEKKA Bridge Spam deck.

1. Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost’s painfully slow hit speed makes it one of the weakest cards in the meta. The only thing it shines with is swarm control, but there are a lot more viable options for taking out swarms, especially now that arrows can kill archers.

Royal Ghost can still be used in spam bridge decks like Classic Battleram Bridge Spam, but its stats outnumber many other cards with similar utility. Apparently, he is not in his best shape at the moment. An increase in hit speed and a small HPbuff can bring you back to the finish line.

Usage rate: 5.32% (Source: Link)

2. Fisherman

Fisherman topped the charts when it was first released in August 2019. It had ridiculously strong stats for just 3 Elixirs.

After a streak of three Supercell nerfs in September, October, and November 2019, Fisherman took a major hit, and their use dropped by more than half.

Currently most commonly used on Royal Hog Deck with Magic Archer and Valkyrie.

Using one of the most unique mechanics in the game, this card deserves the meta slot.

The damage and hook speed buffs could help him revive.
Usage Rate: 2.97% (Source: Link)

3. Ram Rider

Although Ram Rider is still used in popular decks such as spam decks and miners’ pois n decks, the nerfs lowered his usage rates and hers to reduce the profit potential of cheating on the meta.

Slightly increasing her movement speed by 810% can help her get back into the game.
Usage rates: 9.07% (Source: Link)

4. Princess

Princess is and always has been an integral part of Log Bait decks. It is undoubtedly one of the most balanced cards in the game. Its long fire arrows can easily eliminate swarms.

However, since it is only used on log bait platforms, its versatility is seriously compromised. This makes them an option only for log bait decks, at least in the current meta, and therefore in range.

Feel free to use them in your own decks, even if it does not log bait – Princess is a pretty good card overall.
Usage Rate: 9.96%

5. Lumberjack

Lumberjack is here not only for his versatility but only for his brute strength. What makes him really strong is the fact that he poses a threat before AND after his death.

You can do tons of damage with this incredible speed and good damage, or you can die and drop the rage and let the remaining force devastate your tower. But what keeps it low on the list is the fact that Mini PEKKA replaces it due to the proliferation of Elixir Golem in the meta, which Mini PEKKA better counteracts.

Almost all decks Lumberjack uses now use mini PEKKA. Since the meta changes after frequent balance changes, Lumberjack should find its way back to the meta thanks to Supercell. A resurgence to remember!
usage rate: 12.29%

6. Magic Archer

Magic Archer definitely deserves number 1 on the list. It is without a doubt one of the most fun legendary cards to play, and also one of the most difficult to play correctly.

A good Magic Archer player needs to know the correct position and placement of the card in order to successfully perform these “geometric” alignment moves. This card offers a ton of utility and easily becomes one of the most efficient cards in the entire game for performance.

Since Supercell believes that high-ability cards should be better than low-ability cards like Wizard, they have been held back by nerfing the Magic Archer.

Some players also believe that his strength comes from the cards around him, but that claim has now been shown to be false. Read more Fix Steam Streaming Delay.
Usage Rate: 13.98%

7. The Log

With the advent of Barbarian Barrel and Snowball, The Log’s popularity took a hit, but it has returned with the Barbarian Barrel nerfs.

Not as necessary on decks as it was in the heyday, the fact that the Log Bait cannot be seen could also play a role.

Can be used in pretty much any deck, it’s so versatile, however, the other two elixir spells sometimes fill the role better (like Zap on Beat down and Snowball on Air Decks).
Usage Rate: 22.70%

8. Miner

Miner is currently the most versatile legend in the game and is used in almost all deck archetypes. Takedown buildings, resupply support troops after your main tank dies … there are so many options! The nerf to the miner certainly hurt its damage, but it is still an effective tank. legendaries in Clash Royale.
Usage Rate: 16.57%

9. Night Witch

And the night which is at # 4. Has a great win and usage rate and, unlike when used exclusively in Golem Beatdown decks, Now popular with other strong decks too! After her death, spawn 4 bats thanks to the Night Witch's buff. Before this perk, Night Witch wasn't even in the top ten on this list. Will you get a nerf with the next balance update? It is up to you to speculate! Let us know in the comments below! Usage rate: 16.1% Win rate: 52%

10. Electro Wizard

Electro Wizard is a pretty good support card in the game. His forked stun is useful for countering hellish dragons, while Spawn-Zap can help defend against swarms.

Replaced by the electric kite on certain decks, resulting in a slight decrease in use. Can be used on PEKKA covers, miners’ poison covers, and fireball baits.
usage rate: 16.59%

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