Cancel XBOX Game Pass Ultimate Past Due [2021 Update]

Past Due Subscription :

In this article we will learn how to Cancel XBOX Game Pass It means you didn’t turn off your auto-renewal in time and or the payment method listed failed on your last renewal date. You’ll have to clear your past due balance before purchasing any future subscriptions

Cancel XBOX Game Pass

Pay a past due balance to unlock your subscription. If you have a subscription that renews automatically, it can become locked if the renewal charge fails. When this happens, you lose access to the subscription and its benefits.

For example, if a renewal charge fails for your Xbox Live Gold subscription, you are locked out, and online multiplayer-only works in free-to-play games. When this happens, you also lose your offer for Games with Gold. see more Results of Ultimate Past Due

Reason Of Occurring :

There are various reasons why a subscription can become locked for nonpayment:

  • Insufficient funds on your debit card
  • Your credit card has expired
  • Your credit card was stolen, so you closed the account
  • You received a new credit card and closed the old one
  • Your bank declined the purchase for some other reason

Fixing The problem

There are various reasons why a subscription can become locked for nonpayment:

  • Cancel subscription with a past due balance
  • Yes. Just log in to the Microsoft account that contains your subscription and follow the onscreen instructions.

Services and subscriptions

You can also cancel your subscription from your console.

  1. Press the Xbox? button on your controller and
  2. Go to Profile “System” Settings.
  3. Choose Account Subscriptions,
  4. Select your subscription, and
  5. Then follow the onscreen steps to cancel

Results of Past Due :

You cannot add a Gold / Game Pass prepaid card until the ban ends. Usually, when a balance is not paid, your account will be locked until the balance is paid or after 60 days (I think it’s time) Clear Cache On XBOX One.

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