How to get spoils of conquest destiny 2? [2021]

Spoils of Conquest destiny 2 is a type of currency introduced in the Destiny 2s Beyond Light extension. These tokens can be used to purchase Deep Stone Crypt equipment, Vault of Glass equipment, and old raid exotics.

Those who want to complete their collection will need hundreds of these treads if they want to get all the exotic raids.
Fortunately, winning the Spoils of Conquest destiny 2 is very easy.

You need to find a party to attack, but the most effective Conquest Route Farm is very easy. Let’s take a closer look at how to get this resource, potential farms to try, and how to earn your spoils.

Farming Spoils Of Conquest

The only way to farm in the Spoils of Conquest destiny 2 is to clear multiple Vault of Glass attacks. If you complete an encounter with that attack.

You will be given 5 conquest treads again instead of 1 item if you complete the same encounter with the same character. There is no limit to the number of spoils you can get this way.

Templar, the fourth encounter with the Vault of Glass, will be an excellent spoils farm. If the team does enough damage, this encounter can be completed in just one minute.

Break the first set of Oracle, let Aegis users break the Knights Templar shield to lock the teleport, and let the remaining 5 players use two special weapons (prefer snail shotguns).

Destroy the Knights Templar Health Bar. If you’re new to this encounter, see the Vault of Glass Attack Guide.

Once the Vault of Glass Challenge is available, it’s super easy to challenge the Knights Templar out of the way.

You cannot allow the Knights Templar to teleport to complete a challenge. Anyway, the team needs to do a one-phase strategy.

As long as this challenge is active, place a Templar Meeting to double your spoils or conquest revenue Get more detail.

Earning Spoils Of Conquest destiny 2 Solo

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do your spoils or conquest yourself. After Bungie removed the ability to earn Spoils of Conquests from Deep Stone Crypt chests, the most reliable farming method for solo players was removed.

However, if it’s okay to go out of range, you can collect all the first caskets yourself in the Vault of Glass. You can award 5 spoils per week for each character and earn 15 spoils per week. YouTuber Jarv has a short guide on how to do this.

Whenever you get tired of completing the same encounter, you can run the entire raid on some characters to collect each hidden chest.

Getting enough loot to buy new raid exotic weapons (such as anarchy) in Destiny 2 can take quite some time. But with a little patience and proper equipment.

you will eventually get your clothes and see more Texture Packs for Minecraft’s PC.

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