How to Get to Level 100 Skull Cavern? [2021 Updates]

There are three sets of accessible mines in Stardew Valley. The first is a regular mine in the northeastern part of Pelican Town. However, when you reach the bottom of these mines, the Skull Cavern will be unlocked.

This new mine set is virtually bottomless and is located in the Calico Desert. The first year on the farm is unlikely to be on your way there, so be patient and calm down first.

A mission led by him. Qi was given to him through a secret note and asked them to reach level 100 for a reward.

This is not an easy task. Skull Cave is full of deadly enemies and obstacles. However, with these tips, you can quickly dig down to level 100.

Forge Your Weapon

A new area added in Update 1.5, Ginger Island, has a new dungeon within the volcano. At the top of this volcano is an interesting forge. Here you can enchant weapons and tools, upgrade weapons, and customize your ring.

You can add cool upgrades to your weapon at a low price of gemstones and some ash shards (10, 15, 20 for each of the three possible forgings of each weapon).

Finally, if you own one of the Galaxy weapons (Galaxy Sword, Galaxy Hammer, Galaxy Dagger), you can upgrade to Volcano Forge. Simply combine them with 3 Galaxy Souls (mainly from Qis Walnut Room or Island Trader) and 60 Cinder Shards to create Infinity Blades, Infinity Gavels, or Infinity Daggers here you go level 100 skull cavern.

Equip Rings

Different rings with different effects are available. Many of them are very useful when mining. Some good options when trying to reach Skull Cave Level 100 are iridium bands, club shell rings, and slime charm rings.

The iridium band glows, attracts elements, and increases attack damage by 10%. Made of certain materials after reaching combat level 9 or found in fishing boxes. The crab ring is a reward for killing 500 crabs by increasing the defense by 5 points.

Slime Charmer Ring is a reward for defeating 1000 people by becoming invincible to normal slime enemies. With Update 1.5, you can combine rings with the new Volcano Forge.

Combine Some Rings

If you can't decide which ring to equip your Skull Cavern with, Volcano Forge can also help. Forge allows you to combine two rings into one and create a combination of both effects.

Ash shard costs 20 pieces. You can use two rings at the same time, which means you can equip a total of four ring effects. It's a very powerful way to help Skull Cave survive and reach the 100th floor faster, even when used to enhance luck statistics, defenses, and more.

Skip Large Floors

There are several different “shapes” that the Skull Cave floor can take. Most of them are very easy to navigate through in a short amount of time. However, some of them are very large and have a lot of swirling walls in the middle.

Instead of wasting time walking on these floors, consider using a ladder to jump to them. You can spend a lot of time finding ladders on these floors while being attacked by enemies. This is also a recommended plan for floors that are infested with samples. Read More about XBOX 360 games on PC without Emulator.

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