How To Hide Games In Steam? [2021 Update]

In this article, you can hide games in steam so stay with us and learn If you want to keep a Steam purchase from someone with access to your PC or Mac a secret, you can quickly hide it from your library. However, this will not uninstall the game, it will not allow you to play it or hide it from players on your Steam friends list.

  1. Open the Steam application and switch to the Library tab.
  2. Find the video game you want to hide and right-click on it.
  3. Highlight Manage and select Hide this game.

Steam no longer shows the game in your library. Assuming you want to play it, open the View menu and choose Hidden Games. Then right-click on the title and select Play.

You can also show the game at any time.

  • Just right-click on it from your hidden games list and choose Manage > Show This Game.

Hide Steam status in-game

If you want to prevent players on your Steam friends list from seeing you as “in-game” while playing a certain video game, it is better to set your profile status to “Invisible”. This will show you offline on Steam, but will still allow you to chat.

However, layers will still see their game-related achievements and playtime if they choose to visit their Steam profile. You can avoid this by adjusting your privacy settings (more on this below).

  1. Open the Friends & Chat area in the lower right corner of the Steam application.
  2. Select the arrow icon next to your Steam avatar.
  3. Select Invisible.

If you select Offline, your in-game status will also be hidden, but you will not be able to chat with other players.

When you are done playing, you can change your Steam status to “Online”. Just make sure you exit the game completely before doing this.

Hiding the status of selected friends

Blocking all communication with a player on your friend’s list will prevent Steam from forwarding game activity to them in real-time. This is ideal for cases where you only want to hide a game from a select few friends.

However, your in-game status will continue to be displayed in a blocked player’s chat and friends area if they decide to exit Steam and restart it. Hide Games In Steam

  1. Open the Friends & Chat area.
  2. Select the arrow icon next to the player’s profile name.
  3. Point to Manage and select Block all communications.

When you’re done playing, select the arrow icon next to the blocked player’s profile name again and select Manage> Unblock All Communications. Read More Transfer Steam Games to Another Account?

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