Mobile Gaming Companies In The World

In this article, we’ll see list of Top Mobile Gaming Companies in the World. So, let’s start……….


Tencent is a preferred producer of significance internet providers and the first Chinese tech brand to really be recognized at more than $500 billion. Some years Old firm shows no signs of stopping down, demonstrating the massive Chinese huge increase in technological innovation. Tencent’s revenue is heavily influenced by gaming, with its most well-known title being “Honor of Kings.”

GungHo Online Entertainment

Gungho Online Entertainment is Japan’s largest gaming company, best known for the ‘Puzzle and Dragons’ application, a hybrid of a traditional jewel game and a Japan Style RPG. This immensely popular game has been uploaded 47 million different ways in the region. While it has been tremendously successful in its home country of Japan, adoption in the financially rewarding and vital US industry has been sluggish.

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Supercell is a going to lead and well-known mobile gaming company located in Helsinki, Finland. Supercell, which was formed in 2010, has experienced tremendous growth thanks to successful game value propositions such as ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Hay Day.’ With 100 million active monthly users, the company made a profit of around $1 billion in 2017. Supercell is currently worth an estimated $10 billion.

Machine Zone

Machine Zone, slightly game developer that started with text-based position games a few years back, has become a famous player in the mobile gaming world after releasing “Game of War “Fire Era.” Machine Zone had been originally founded as a basic rule before such a $ 8 million investment from Menlo gamblers.

Jam City

Jam City recently ranked above all of a whole slew of famous international based mobile game studios. Jam City, which was formed in 2010, had also released several smartphone games that have been downloaded over 800 million times. ‘Panda Pop,’ the most widely known of these, has over 100 million registered users and 9.3 million monthly active users.

EA Mobile

With EA Mobile, the widely known video game company is starting to make the well and financially beneficial foray into the mobile gaming arena. EA, the maker of sports games such as FIFA 15 Important Roles in ensuring and Game series NFL, has seen a significant shift in the amount of business it transacts via mobile devices. In 2016, EA Mobile outperformed $500 million in 1-year revenue generated, and mobile expenditures exceeded $637 million the following year.


Niantic, a small American games developer previously owned by Google, has risen from insignificance to rank among the top mobile gaming companies in record time. Niantic Labs burst onto the scene with its most well-known augmented reality game, Pokémon Go. Of over 100 million streaming services, Pokémon Mobile quickly became the most talked-about games of 2016. Niantic officially confirmed that last year its leader to Pokémon GO will feature the incomparable Harry Potter.


NetEase, including some of the top Chinese internet and digital game developers, operates in a highly competitive heavily with Tencent. Despite being known worldwide in China for its dissemination of World of Warcraft as well as other Blizzard games, NetEase’s foray into mobile gaming has become a great achievement thus far. With the game Fanciful Westward Journey, it currently owns the leading position in the Chinese App Store. In terms of international revenue generated, the company ranks fourth among mobile gaming companies. NetEase is currently the number two iOS publisher in China.

King Digital Entertainment

The creators of ‘Candy Crush,’ King Online Entertainment, are an universe entertainment technology company that specializes in mobile gaming. Since the first game in the series was released on mobile five years ago, the Candy Crush franchise has surpassed 2.75 billion downloads. Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Farm Heroes, and Bubble Witch are some of the Great Digital Entertainment’s franchise owners.


Sony Interactive Entertainment formed ForwardWorks Corporation; a publicly traded company devoted to the development of mobile games. Sony’s foray into mobile gaming builds on Nintendo’s recent prominent entry into the mobile gaming market. It released the first ever batch of mobile games last year, which would include new games for the Wild Arms, Hot Shots Golf, and Arc the Lad series.


Com2uS Company, a mobile gaming company and publishing company centred in Korea, is steadily expanding its fame and winning awards both at home and abroad. The company offers a massive variety of online sports, arcade, action, music, and role-playing games that are available on a variety of platforms, including Android and iOS. Homerun Battle, Derby Days, Tiny Farm, Las Vegas Story, Witch Wars, Zombie Band, Escape the Ape, Chocohero, and MiniGame Paradise are some of the mobile games designed by Com2uS Corporation.

Peak Games

Peak Games, a Turkish company, debuted in casino games in 2016 with Bid Whiles and Gin Rummy. All through 2016 and 2017, the firm’s games, including ‘Toy Blast’ and ‘Toon Blast,’ consistently ranked among the top 20 App Store grossing titles in the UK and US. Peak Games’ achievement is heavily influenced by how the company achieves out to underserved markets with culturally significant games that employ powerful crowd funding and ability of the organization.

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