How to reverse Gamertag lookup Xbox? [2021 Update]

The first time you sign up for the Xbox network, the system allows you to create your own unique Gamertag or use a suggested reverse Gamertag lookup Xbox.

If you have decided to use a suggested Gamertag, you may have a hard time remembering what it was in the future.

In situations like this, you can search for your Gamertag with your Microsoft account if you want to find out what it’s.

Reverse Gamertag lookup Xbox

A Gamertag is like a username for Xbox consoles. Gamertags were first introduced with the Xbox network on the original Xbox and are still around. When you play online with other people on your Xbox console, they will see your Gamertag instead of your real name.

Each Gamertag must be unique, as this is how you identify yourself on the Xbox network. No one else can have the same Gamertag as you, and if the Gamertag you want is already in use, you will have to choose another.


Reasons and solutions to search for Gamertags. There are several reasons why you may need to search for a Gamertag, and there are different solutions for each:

  • You cannot log into your Xbox – you need to find out which email address you were originally used to set up your Xbox account. This is a great way to learn your Gamertag and reset your password if you don’t remember it.
  • I don’t remember and I want your friends to be able to add you: If you automatically assigned a Gamertag to Microsoft when you first bought your Xbox.
  • Now you want your friends to be able to add you, just look in the upper left corner of the home screen Your Xbox One or the profile area of ​​your Windows 10 Xbox app.
  • Trying to find a friend: The only way to find a friend’s Gamertag is to use the suggested friends feature on an Xbox One or in the Windows 10 Xbox app.
  • If you can’t find your friend there, you’ll have to give him his Gamertag.
  • Attempt to find a Gamertag email address: There is no way to find a Gamertag email address because Microsoft does not offer reverse Gamertag lookup and does not share this information with anyone. See More Solutions

Xbox Gamertag Search

Microsoft does not offer any kind of Gamertag search service, which means you cannot find your Gamertag or someone else’s Gamertag using a real name, phone number, email, or other information.

The only exception is that you can designate your own Gamertag by logging into the Xbox website with the email or phone number that you originally used when setting up your Xbox account XBOX 360 games on PC.

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