How to Transfer Steam Games to Another Account?

It doesn’t matter if you have your Windows-powered system or a Linux-powered machine.

Steam offers gamers the best experience (including the best deals) with a massive collection of games.

2 best ways to transfer Steam games to another account

You do not acquire to download the game to transfer it to another account. Move the game to another drive.

If you want to change the last place, it’s easy to do so.

  1. Launch ‘Steam’ on your system and right-click on the game you want to transfer.
  2. Now, click on ‘Properties.’
  3. Go to the “HOME” section in the properties and click on “MOVE INSTALL FOLDER.”
  4. Finally, you must select the path to your storage location and hit “MOVE” to start the transfer.

It is effortless to transfer steam games from one storage location to another.

However, this may not be the right solution when you want to move multiple games at once. If you plan to give the game to a friend using an external storage drive.

For such types of cases, the second method should help.

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Transfer More Games to Another Drive in Windows 10 (or share it with a friend)

You do not need to back up games and transfer files. You will end up spending a lot of time that way.

So, we have a quick solution for you.

Follow the steps below to pass the steam game quickly.

  • Launch File Explorer and navigate your way to the Steam folder.
  • By default, it should be within the file system (x86) on the Windows installation drive. However, it may be different if you have set a custom installation method for your Steam library.
  • If you do not know the location of your Steam library.
  • Go to the Steam settings from the menu.
  • Find the library path from the download option.
  • After you are in the Steam Library folder, navigate the steam apps folder and proceed to the ‘normal’ folder.
  • Then you will find all the games listed.
  • Replicate the games you need to shift first.

When you have finished transferring the required game files, go back to the ‘steam apps folder. You must save a lot of shows (.acf files).

Depending on which game you want to transfer, search the App ID for the game at Copy the file with the game-like ID into your Steam Library repository within the ‘folder’ steam apps.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few frequently asked questions:

How to refund steam games?

  • Navigate to Steam Help and sign in with your Steam account.
  • Find the package you would like to refund and click on it.
  • If your package does not register in it, it falls too far outside our refund window.
  • The system did not allow a refund.
  • Choose a problem you have with the product.

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How to share games on steam?

  • Log in to your Steam account on a computer where you would like to share your games.
  • Make sure you have Steam Guard enabled with Steam > Settings> Account in Steam Client.
  • Select the Family tab from the Steam settings panel (or in Big Picture mode, Settings> Sharing with Family Library).

How to play steam games on oculus quest?

  • Press the Oculus Home button in the appropriate controller to open the Oculus Home bar.
  • In the Oculus home bar below, select the Library button.
  • Click on the SteamVR icon to launch SteamVR.
  • These are available under the Applications section.

How to move steam games to another drive?

  • To navigate a featured game once you add in a second library.
  • Click on your Steam library and select “Properties.” Click the “Local Files” tab and then click the “Move input folder” button.
  • Select the Steam library you want to move the game on and click the “Move Folder” button.

How to uninstall steam games completely?

  1. Click on the game you want to download from your library, then click on the drop-down menu.
  2. You will receive a confirmation window before deletion.
  3. Steam will reassure you that you want to delete the game.

How to download steam workshop mods for cracked games?

  • Open the browser on your PC or Mac and search for “steam workshop.” Then hit the first link or go to this link.
  • Search Here your favorite game, and you select any game mode you want.
  • In this case, I download “Ravenfield” as an example.
  • Select any model you want and copy “URL Link,” and paste the website to download that mod file.
  • Hit the download button and save it to the file manager.


You do not need to use anything else to send steam games. Unless you wish to keep a backup of your game, you do not need to back up.

These two modes are completely safe and fast enough to transfer any steam game to a new final method.

You can also visit the official website: here

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