How To Upgrade Oppressor MK2?

In this article we will talk about upgrade oppressor mk2 To customize the suppressor mk2, you need to purchase a nightclub (to store terrorists) and terrorists (to customize suppressor mk2).

Upgrade oppressor mk2

Nightclub costs start at $ 1,135,000.

The cost of terror bytes starts at $ 1,375,000.

Price of the original suppressor mk2: $ 3,890,250.

Transaction price for Oppressor mk2: $ 2,925,000.

To unlock the transaction price: Buy terrorist bytes first. Complete 5 client tracks with Terrorbyte.

Improved performance

  • Armor: $ 50,000
  • Countermeasure: $ 110,000
  • Engine: $ 25,000
  • Weapons: Guided missiles: $ 180,000 / Explosives MG: $ 275,000
  • Total: $ 345,000- $ 440,000 (excluding adjustments).
  • To keep things short, to change Oppressor MK 2 in any way, you need to set the Terrorbyte and Specialist Workshop mods above. The total cost is $ 1,870,000.
  • Market 2 is better than Deluxe for several reasons.

upgrade oppressor mk2

Easy to move. The difference in flight between the Deluxo and MK2 is negligible but important.

When you stop accelerating at Deluxo, the car moves forward and slows until the flying car stops moving.

On the other hand, when you release the accelerator on the keyboard or controller, the MK2 will stop immediately, giving you more control over the vehicle.

There are countermeasures: If vultures and missions are blocked and someone else is behind you, the MK2 can take countermeasures to prevent the missiles they are looking for from destroying the vehicle.

upgrade oppressor mk2

Deluxe, on the other hand, does not have this advantage.

To prevent the rocket from inflating the deluxe, it needs to be a good flyer.

Minimum size: Since the MK2 is a motorcycle and the Deluxe is a car, the former fits in small dimensions and can be moved into smaller areas and move in narrow corners without worrying about anything.

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